Today’s mental health reminder: a relapse, a sudden series of attacks, a string of awful days, (or whatever your step back may be) does not decrease your value. Take your time, do some self care, reflect on the progress that you have made. You are strong; one step back is nothing when you look at the journey you have already made.

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Close or Open?

Not sure, if I should keep this blog open anymore or not. I just, don’t know if its existence is really helping anyone or really if it matters to anyone I’m on Tumblr. No messages come in and its just.. its kind of like feeling alone in a crowded room? So many people all around, yet.. it doesn’t feel like thats the case at all. 

hihihi did i reply back?????

No, but it’s okay :)

"It’s a cliché because it is true. If you are not happy with yourself and willing to show yourself the same kind of love and respect you want to give to others, no relationship will magically fix you. And while it can certainly be tempting to jump from relationship to relationship, because the space in between them is scary and unknown, learning how to demonstrate that love and compassion for yourself is essential (and surprisingly fulfilling). Going on a solo vacation, or even spending a few days alone — leaving your laptop at home, if you can manage it — might seem like a strange way to feel loved, but if you can be happy with your own company, you can be happy with anything."
Chelsea Fagan